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Newcastle and Gateshead household clearance company. We also do office and business clearances

Hello and welcome to our new blog post here we explain a little bit about some of the services our team offer our customers on a day to day basis. House and flat clearances is a service we provide everyday of the week. Homes going through probate is something we deal with a lot in Newcastle, Northumberland, north and south Tyneside, Gateshead, Washington, Durham and Sunderland. So if you live in, or near these areas and you need a flat or a house clearing then we can help. When we carry out a property clearance we aim to recycle as much as possible so items like clothes shoes, Bric a Brac, furniture, told from any garages get recycled in different ways we donate a lot of items to charity organisations in your area. We only use landfill as a very last resort.

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